Call For Papers


A Postgraduate Symposium with Keynote Speakers
London College of Fashion, 29 January 2013

Keynote Speakers: Professor Caroline Evans and Dr. Linda Sandino

Professor Caroline Evans and Dr. Linda Sandino

Fashion can be understood as ‘poised ambiguously between present and past’, as noted by Elizabeth Wilson (2003).  Indeed, the 2009 inaugural issue of Vestoj, Journal of Satorial Matters, was dedicated to exploring the complexities of fashion in relation to material memories, both personal and public.  As this dichotomy suggests, the interrelationship between the concepts of fashion and memory is far from uniform, and can be understood instead as context-dependent.  Such contexts include, but are not limited to: everyday dress practices; fashion photography – both amateur and mass media; fashion in film; fashion design; dress and fashion in collections – museum, archival or personal.  Given this range of perspectives, Fashion and Re-collection seeks to explore the relationship between fashion and remembering, bringing together postgraduate researchers from a range of disciplines to contribute to the debate.  Overall, we hope to address the following questions: What memories can fashion evoke?  And, what does fashion, in its multifarious guises, want to forget?

We therefore invite postgraduate students to submit proposals on papers that deal with any aspect of Fashion and Re-Collection.  The following headings provide a further indication of possible subject areas, which are open to creative and liberal interpretation:

  • Fashion in the Context of Late Modernity and ‘Postmodernity’
  • Remembering through Visual Culture
  • Material Culture and Memory
  • Methods and Approaches to the Study of Fashion and Memory

What To Send: 300 word abstracts should be submitted to by 26 OCTOBER 2012.  Abstracts should be in Word format and include the following information:

  • Author(s)
  • Affiliation(s)
  • Email Address(es)
  • Title of Abstract
  • Body of Abstract

We will acknowledge receipt of all abstracts received, and so if you have not heard back from us within one week of submission, please let us know as you may need to resubmit your abstract.  Please note that there will be a £10 fee for attending the symposium, which will cover lunch, teas and coffees.  Registration for the symposium will open in December.

Organising Chairs: Sara Chong Kwan, Morna Laing and Mario J. Roman


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Organised by the London College of Fashion Research Student Hub with the support of London College of Fashion, University of the Arts London, 20 John Prince’s Street, London W1G 0BJ.

[Photograph by Toby McFarlan Pond 1998. Reproduced with the permission of Jill Ritblat and Violette Editions, from the book One Woman’s Wardrobe.]